YUCK LANA YUCK (ranachan) wrote,

i'm so done with being disappointed. whatever.

i give up on this motherfucking cosplay too.
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I think you should just go have a good BAWtime with Rea and Jam, I'm sure they still want to see you. ;; I mean its AX!, you should have a good time doing what you love to do.

I'm really sorry that I disappointed you, it just seems like I'm doing that to everybody these days. I really want to go. REALLY badly. But my parents as you know, are NAZI's, and they always trying to get me to 'grow up'. saying crap that makes me feel worse like. "Didn't you grow out of this crap?" and "I bet there's going to be a bunch of perves around, so you shouldn't go anyway."

Fuck, I feel SO bad right now about this. If its not one thing its another with them. They might let me go to Disney though..... ?: C ......I hope there's some way I can make this up to you....