YUCK LANA YUCK (ranachan) wrote,

i'm so disillusioned.

why can't my girlfriend just like me for what i actually am lol. why do i love people who don't love who i actually am.

angst cry sob. please just stop telling me how kawaii everyone else is and how amazing they are. i know i'm not good enough for you or anyone. i'm not a good girlfriend and i'm not a good friend. you and my mom do a good job of reminding me...

i thought i got over this sexuality confusion in middle school.
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lana if nikki makes you feel like shit then that's pretty much the opposite of what she's supposed to do lol.
if you feel like she's manipulating you and making you feel like a douche, tell her about it or end it.
i don't want to see you upset, especially since i've seen this happen before with adri and she was miserable all the time....