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ranachan's Journal

9 October
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LANA 16 ♀
hi, i love children and boobs. i am a complete weeaboo with major cosplay and
daddy issues. my journal is 90% whining and rants about the internet. i take things too
seriously. i'm pretty cute according to most. fandoms include hetalia, ouran high school
host club, kingdom hearts, final fantasy vii, pandora hearts, kuroshitsuji, pokemon,
vocaloid, star trek, heroes, and other shit. i'm not classy.

alice in wonderland, arfica, asian boy bands, asian ladies, banana splits, boris, captain kirk, cheesy dudes, cory's ghetto booty, dammit jim, emo envy, free hugs, french boys, french food, french girls, french language, furansu, heart no kuni, hetalia, history!!!1, hitachiincest, idiot friends, japan/the world, johnny depp, kaobor, kingdom hearts, little boys, little girls, man on man, my future korean children, no shoes, not england ever, not johnny depp, nuclear wessels, ouran, pandora hearts, pyromaniac pedophiles, seven deadly sins, sexy canadian ladies, sexy ladies, small dogs, star trek, super silly sam sleepovers, tomato sex, vocaloids, одо oh keptin